Day 93 – Australia (8 September, 2000)

Day 93 – Australia (8 September, 2000)

Big Flames
As I mentioned earlier, getting a good shot of what the whole event was about, the Flame, was really tough – especially in broad daylight. It was luck of the draw with wind direction, background (a dark background would best show the flame) and general contrast of the scene. But occasionally we got more than we bargained for (that phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ comes up again).

With 12,000 torches manufactured there was always bound to be a few abnormalities here and there. The one that stood out was when the Flame got somewhat larger and fiercer than was designed.
This is a good example of how that plays out:

No one ever got injured. And it probably happened less than a dozen times. But it was spectacular. Being on the ‘official’ side of the event, it was never an image I would release to the media. I wouldn’t call it negative press, but it would be a distraction for all the good moments of the event. And as I said – no one ever got injured or burnt and it happened so infrequently (12 in 12,000) it wasn’t really an issue. But a visually dramatic photo none the less.

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