Day 23 – Australia (30 June, 2000)

Day 23 – Australia (30 June, 2000)

Another photographic highlight moment for me came at the end of Day 23 on Cable Beach, Broome. Timed perfectly by the advance team for sunset, we had our feature torchbearer Jamali Bintalib riding a camel. There was a pretty large crowd at this location, but they were well controlled behind marshals, which allowed me to shoot a really clear shot of the sinking sun and the camel as they strode gently up the beach.

Unusually, I shot 42 frames of this moment, so there was a good variety of angles and moments to select from. Most of my photo opportunities  for special moments only result in 4 to 8 frames shot as the moments are over in a matter of 10 seconds or less. My camel at sunset shot is a standout of the relay.

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